eMERGEseq Freeze 1 Dataset is now available on dbGaP – phs001616.v1.p1

The CC is pleased to announce that the eMERGEseq Freeze 1 Dataset submission to dbGaP is now available and can be accessed online. The study has been added to our dbGaP study page.

Study Title: eMERGE Network Phase III Clinical Sequencing: eMERGEseq Panel

dbGaP Study Accession: phs001616.v1.p1

Note from dbGaP: Effective May 1, 2019, individual-level data are now available for download by authorized investigators at Data dictionaries, variable summaries, and documents are available on the dbGaP FTP site ( The public summary-level phenotype data may be browsed at the dbGaP study home page: