The eMERGE Network conducts projects to further our aims of developing methods and best practices for utilization of the electronic medical record (EMR) as a tool for genomic research. In addition to our workgroups the below projects span both discovery and implementation of genomics research. Click on a project to learn more about the ongoing efforts across the Network.


  • eMERGE data sets, counts, and pharmocogenomics


  • Cohort discovery using the electronic health records, phenotypes over eMERGE

Ethical considerations & privacy

  • Consent, privacy, ethical, legal, and social implications



  • Phase III custom sequencing panel, CLIA certified for returnable results

EHR Integration

  • Methods and processes surrounding integration of results into patient’s electronic health records

Patient and provider information & outcomes

  • Surveys, patient education, recruitment, outcomes assessment in genomic medicine research